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Proactive Wealth Concepts | Cody Lewis


For over 17 years, Proactive Wealth Concepts has provided clients with detailed evaluations, innovative ideas, personal service, and lasting retirements.

Unlike other investment professionals, we are a fiduciary, held to the highest legal standards, and always strive to develop financial solutions that meet your unique needs. Our team is committed to acting in your best interest from the day you walk in our doors and beyond.

Active Management

Many firms talk about asset allocation, but few properly address this requirement for their clients. At PWC, we believe our investors will benefit from our commitment to managing portfolio risk in order to diminish downside volatility. Through active investment management, clients can be assured that their portfolios are being monitored in a suitable manner. We believe returns should be judged based on consistency and protection from market losses. Our unique management services are 100% transparent and fee-only.

Lifetime Income

We believe an income stream you can depend on during retirement is essential. With a specialty in serving the needs of investors with portfolios greater than $250,000, we seek to deliver consistent portfolio results for a client’s retirement years. By assessing your current income and evaluating your potential for future growth, we use the latest retirement income projecting software to help develop a custom retirement income plan.

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